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About Me


"Like many natural psychics and mediums I was aware of spirit people from an early age. I even saw people that I thought were alive only to find out they had died perhaps the day before. 


But I had no idea I would become a medium. I was too busy enjoying all the adventure life had to offer a young man. Beside my keen interest in boxing and martial arts I have long worked with music as a song writer, Club DJ and Radio presenter (I definitely have the face for the latter!).


Now, working as a medium helping those who have taken the journey we call death to pass on their messages to their loved ones here is one of my greatest joys. 


"Mediumship is not about death, its about life! And celebrating the fact that we are all a spirit person on a human journey. When we learn that and begin to get in touch with that side of ourselves, we can then start to truly unlock all our own beauty, wonder and pure unlimited potential"


Marcus Day.

Award Holder of the Spiritualist National Union 

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