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Private readings

A private one to one reading will last between half an hour and forty five minutes. 

For people who have too far to travel to see me I offer readings over video chat such as Facetime, Whatsapp Skype or Zoom.

What happens in a reading?

I am not a fortune teller and theres nothing spooky or weird about having a reading.

Its very much like two people having a chat.


Spirit communication.

Many people would like to hear from a loved one who has passed.

During a reading if someone would like to communicate, I do my best to pass on evidence that provides proof of who is communicating and what they would like to say to you.

Mediumship is a means of enabling the people in the spirit world, usually our friends and family, to communicate with us. Through mediumship we can offer proof that not only is life eternal, but that our character, personality, intelligence, humour and our connection of love with those we care about continues and cannot die, but only evolves. 

Life can at times be very difficult.

When people have questions about life situations I may be able to offer some insight and inspiration that will help them make their own choices.

I cannot and never will tell anyone what they should do. With each of us our lives remain our own responsibility and thats how it should be. But a good psychic might be able to help point out some good opportunities that lay within reach and some of your positive potential that you could nurture. 

Will I hear anything bad? 

No never! I see my self first and foremost as a healer, all be it with words and a reading should be an uplifting and positive experience. 

Booking a reading.

I am based in Suffolk UK not far from the Essex border, one hour from Norwich and around forty five minutes from Cambridge. Or an hour from central London or Stansted airport. 

If you would like to visit me for a reading or have a reading with me on Skype please contact me via the CONTACT page.

Can a reading really work on Skype?

A question I am often asked...
The answer is YES and is really no different from a face to face meeting in a room.
The reason being is that our minds and spirit are not bound by time and space. So mediums and psychics should be able to attune their minds and potentially read for someone anywhere in the world.

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